Occupational Health Services

Latest figures from the CIPD on average sickness absence costs employers 659 per employee every year and employee absence costs employers eight working days for every member of staff per year; this represents 3.7% of working time.

The management of sickness/absence is primarily a management function. It is essential that all employers have an established sickness absence policy that is in line with current legislation and good practice, and is agreed by unions and/or employee representatives.

Personal Care Consultants understands that employees who are absent through ill health, or whose health is affecting their performance can lead to extra demands on colleagues or the business.

Through the provision of medical information and relevant, targeted advice, Personal Care Consultants will support managers with their responsibilities on occupational health and health issues such as fitness and capability to work.

Pre-Employment Screening can initially be carried out by a paper-based screening service, which is based on a completed questionnaire. This, in a majority of cases, is sufficient; only if additional information is required will a pre-employment assessment take place with the prospective employee. Results will be faxed or posted back to you no lengthy wait for clearance.

Personal Care Consultants can arrange a consultation with our Occupational Health Nurse (OHN) team consisting of a number of experienced OHN practitioners whose aim is to support managers to achieve their statutory duties to protect and promote the health, safety and welfare of people at work.

Following instruction from employers our OHN will visit your employee either at their home or in the workplace. A detailed occupational health assessment will then be carried out. A further workplace assessment will also take place if required to enable the OHN to gain a clear understanding of the employee’s role, responsibilities and duties within their working environment.

A detailed occupational health report will then be produced and will indicate return-to-work timescales, modification of duties, application of the Disability Discrimination Act, any appropriate measures that may facilitate a faster return to work or advice on whether returning to work is appropriate.

The use of an occupational health service is one of the most effective tools that employers have available to them in managing sickness absence levels. Personal Care Consultants can also offer an HR service which will complement the expert medical advice if required, thus providing a comprehensive package to support employers in managing attendance. Lack of management, or poor management, of an employee’s sickness absence can have many detrimental effects, including:

Reduced productivity, efficiency or service delivery
Cost to the business
Reduced morale
Contravention of legislation, both in terms of the Disability Discrimination Act and laws surrounding the dismissal of employees

The HR service offered by Personal Care Consultants includes:

Formulation of sickness absence policies
Support and advice in dealing with absence management issues,whether short term, long term or disability related absences
Support in implementing the occupational health advice provided by Personal Care Consultants, from supporting employees to return to work to consideration for dismissal

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Occupational Therapy Assessments

Personal Care Consultants have provided an Occupational Therapy Assessment Waiting List Service for several Local Authorities in the North West of England and North Wales.

In these authorities our team of Occupational Therapists have greatly shortened waiting times for occupational therapy assessments thereby reducing risk and improving client satisfaction. For one commissioner we have successfully eradicated an 18th month waiting list.

We can also provide private occupational therapy assessments for individuals who require this service due to long waiting lists, funding issues or for those seeking a second opinion on their needs.

Our team of Occupational Therapists come from both social services and health backgrounds and are able to assess for everything from simple aids and equipment through to major adaptations.

The involvement of our OTs can be short term for assessment and referral needs or they can have longer term input providing a case manager service from assessment through to closing the case following equipment delivery or completion of adaptation.

This occupational therapy assessment service is available on a spot purchase basis to shorten waiting lists or on an ongoing monthly agreement to keep waiting times down during busy periods, staff shortages or to cover while new staff are recruited. Our Occupational Therapy assessment waiting list service can offer a more cost effective solution than locum workers as all of the costs of time purchased from us are based upon direct service contact time only meaning you are not funding recruitment, training, sickness or holidays.

For further information of to discuss any Occupational Therapy Assessment services you may require please e-mail info@thecareplan.com or complete our online enquiry form.