Workplace Posture Exercise

Take a good look at Sequence A and see how many faults you can find with regards to the way this man is positioned and the position of his computer etc.

Sequence A

Note the changes between Sequence A and Sequence B:

He is sitting at the right height and is no longer slumped in the chair. His back is supported and his feet are flat on the ground with his hips and knee joints at right angles
The VDU is at the correct height i.e. level with his eyes preventing too much movement of the head and neck. A laptop raiser has been used to achieve the correct positioning
The telephone is nearer to him preventing too much stretching
The mouse is closer to him and his wrist is supported with a wrist support
There is now an additional keyboard which is closer to him preventing him stretching

Correct positioning when working at a desk helps prevent Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). Other factors to take into account to help prevent RSI are:
Vary the tasks you do during the day to prevent over use of one set of muscles/over use of joint movement
Take occasional breaks and do some or all of the 7 way stretch exercises
Get up and walk around for a minute or two